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The Architecture Process:

The architecture profession has been around a long time and standard phases were introduced a century ago to bring order to the design process. It is important to understand that the design and construction process takes time, and decisions are made throughout the process. Each phase is necessary to bring the project closer to reality and the phases are as follows:

  1. Pre-Design:  We meet with client to determine their needs for space and function within that space.  From here we develop a description of your space requirements and nature of each space.  We analyze the site conditions and confirm the land development regulations related to your site.  It is important to establish a construction budget to determine project feasibility.
  2. Schematic Design:  The design solution is developed. We develop site plans, floor plans, exterior elevations and 3D views.  Preliminary construction costs are evaluated in this phase.
  3. Design Development:  We refine the plans to include the size of the rooms, all exterior and interior finishes, determining the project’s systems, sizes and types of windows and doors, built-ins, hardware, lighting and landscape design. Our consultants: mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and structural engineers, are included in the final design decisions.
  4. Construction Documents:  This phase includes adding the final details and technical information to the drawings. These drawings become the tool to request construction cost bids, to submit for building department permits and from which the contractor has a set of instruction from which to build the project. We can invite bids and guide you through the bid selection and contract negotiation process
  5. Construction Administration:  The architect conducts site visits to insure the project is being built according to the drawings. We process progress payments requests from the contractor.  At the completion of the project we compile a punch list to close out the project.